Play Park

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In 2013 the Porthtowan Play Park was updated and amazing new equipment was installed for the children of Porthtowan; a pirate ship, swings, slides and a zip wire — they were a hit from day one!

The Porthtowan Play Park 

playpark 1 playpark 2

Obviously we are keen to keep it all in good condition for the children to continue enjoying. To keep it safe and sound we need enthusiastic volunteers to:

  • help keep the area tidy and safe
  • carry out regular checks and
  • fund raise for the costs of maintenance, health and safety inspections and insurance.

    Do you have some time to help rake the play park?

    Volunteers rake the sand regularly, but we would love more people to help so that no one has to do it too often! A soft sandy surface is needed for the children’s comfort and enjoyment

    As you may know, the park is run purely by volunteers and fundraising so if you would like to help keep the sand in good shape for the children, or help in any other way, please contact

    Chris at

Volunteers at the Play Park

Volunteers at the Play Park

If you can help please Contact us.



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